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  • Barmpoutis’ Java for Kinect Library aids Research Efforts at a Global Scale

    Digital Worlds associate professor Angelos Barmpoutis and students helped develop a J4K (Java for Kinect) library used to implement a Java interface for the Microsoft Kinect. First offered online in October 2013, the J4K library serves as a generic Java library that users can utilize for any project involving the Kinect, such as Barmpoutis’ recent transportation research analyzing drivers’ body motion in traffic.  After one year of the J4K library’s launch, more than 1,000 users signed the J4K terms and conditions, and current active users hail from more than 50 countries worldwide. The J4K library is compatible with all types of Kinect sensors including the latest Microsoft Kinect.  

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  • DW Welcomes New Student Services Coordinator Spring 2015

    The Digital Worlds Institute welcomes our new Student Services Coordinator, Carlos “Los” Soria, who joined the DW team in December 2014. Soria’s initial assignment is focused on recruitment for the BA and MA in Digital Arts and Sciences degrees. His role currently includes the management of the weekly student bulletin, building relationships with student advisers and counselors at UF and at institutions across the state, and assisting with student-related services in the undergraduate and graduate studies programs.

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  • South Florida Science Center debuts DW's "Exploring Ancient Egypt"

    The Digital Worlds Institute faculty collaborated on the creation of a new interactive experience for young museum visitors entitled "Exploring Ancient Egypt." Working across disciplines, including computer programming, 2D and 3D art and animation, music and sound design and interactive narrative, the DW faculty team created the original interactive experience to allow up to four simultaneous players to explore various scenarios based on themes inspired by ancient Egypt. It recently debuted at the South Florida Science Center in West Palm Beach. 

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