Oliverio at ACMP 2012

James Oliverio Keynotes at Asian Computer Music Project 2012

Oliverio presented on the topic of "Real-time International Collaborative Multi-Media Performances with Synchronous Audio/Visual Content,” highlighting Digital Worlds' work in pioneering live performing arts distributed across the planet via the high speed network.

“Ever since Digital Worlds received the ‘Most Creative and Courageous’ award at the 2001 Global Supercomputing Conference we have been advancing this work and actually gained an international reputation for our work in this emerging area,” Oliverio said.

The Asia Computer Music Project shared an international conference audience with partnering entities including and Kainan University and Taiwan Computer Music Association (TCMA) and was co-organized by International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology (WOCMAT) and Information Communication Association of Taiwan (ICAT).

Renowned composer and researcher John Chowning was also an Invited Speaker, presenting “Sound Synthesis and Perception: Composing from the Inside out.” As well as Andre Bartezki, presenting “Vision and Music.”

“As a result of this experience, we are hoping to build and expand academic and research relationships with several professors and programs in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore,” Oliverio said.

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