DW Students Win Interactive Data Visualization Contest

Joseph Murphy and Chad Juehring tackled one of three data visualization challenges, each reflecting a different facet of the data revolution: Real-Time, Big, and Social. All participants are given 48 hours to design a visualization system that helps to make sense of difficult data. In this year’s competition, contestants were asked to look at the intricate network of flight patterns worldwide and visualize them in a novel way.

“Since we were challenged to think of travel in a new way, we decided to create a visualization which was more user-centric: you enter a single airport city and it adjusts all the rest of the airports around you, within 6 flights,” said Murphy. “In this way, you can get an understanding of how connected you are from your local airport to the rest of the world.”

A total of $15,000 in cash prizes is being awarded to the creators of the top three Interactive and top three Infographic projects, as selected by a jury, and to the creators of the People's Choice project, voted on by the Visualizing.org community. Both Murphy and Juerhing received $2,500 for their project "Six Degrees of Transportation."  

“We are very proud of the outstanding work and recognition that Joseph and Chad have achieved in this large-scale global competition,” said James Oliverio, Director of Digital Worlds Institute. “Their intuitive interaction design and solid technical prowess are clearly exemplified in not only this project, but in their ongoing work in Digital Worlds’ classes, research projects and initiatives at the University of Florida.”

To check out their project, please visit http://www.visualizing.org/galleries/visualizing-global-marathon-2012-winners.