Digital Production Services

As part of the Institute's research and service mission, our digital media lab offers a number of design and production services to on- and off- campus entities. The Institute offers services in computer animation, visualization, digital audio and video design and production. Many UF academic, administrative and athletic partners have already utilized digital media to help present proposals, explain complex situations, educate stakeholders and communicate their possibilities. Quite often such services lead to long-term partnerships.

Applications of digital media include: Education and Training, Scientific Visualization, Cultural Heritage and Preservation, Medical Simulations, Courtroom Re-enactment, 3D Architectural Tours, Complex Process Simulation, Information Visualization, and Virtual Environments.

Production Services

Concept Development
Storyboards and Pre-Visualization
Audio Recording and Mastering
Video Recording (studio or on location)
Graphic Design
2D and 3D Modeling and Animation
Green Screen
Motion Capture

Post Production Services

Image Compositing
Video Production
High-end Presentations

Digital Media Delivery Services

DVD Authoring
Media-rich Web Design
Information Displays
Interactive Kiosks
Video Compression
Web Casting
Video Conferencing
Distributed Collaboration
Virtual Environments