MA in Digital Arts & Sciences

Degree Summary: The Master of Arts in Digital Arts & Sciences (DAS) degree allows students from diverse academic backgrounds the opportunity to develop fluency in the technologies, design practices, and collaborative interdisciplinary teamwork increasingly required by the media, communications, and entertainment industries. Graduates holding the MA in DAS degree would typically seek employment in the creative services sector, applying digital techniques and technologies in a variety of professions. Opportunities range from traditional cinema and broadcast media to interactive games, online international networks, and other emergent industries.

Digital Worlds Institute TOUR set for Friday, January 9th from 1-3pm

Please call the REVE front desk at (352) 294-2000 for more details or to sign up, or email with your name, the number of people in your party, and your areas of interest

MA in Digital Arts & Sciences

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The current growth of creative multi-media technologies in every aspect of entertainment, education, commerce, communication, science and engineering attests to their power and importance. Bridging the gap between creativity and precision, form and function, the MA in DAS offers a synergistic environment that provides educational and hands-on training in the technical, formal and conceptual skills necessary to work in digital media industries. Multimedia and creative technologies are a global growth market, with entertainment technologies, interaction design, virtual reality and evolving social networks emerging as a driving force to reorganize our information and its infrastructure. From all indications, the future demand for graduates from this program will be very strong.

Graduate Admissions

The deadline for receipt of all application materials for review for FALL 2015 admissions to the MA in DAS program is March 15, 2015. 

Admissions Cycle

The Digital World Institute formally admits one cohort to the Master of Arts in Digital Arts & Sciences in the Fall of each year. On an ad hoc basis, we also accept inquiries regarding applications for Spring admission (until September 15). Because of class schedules, curriculum structures and resource availability, however, we are rarely able to accept students for Spring admission, so we strongly encourage all interested candidates to apply for Fall admission before February 15 for full consideration.

Postbaccalaureate Admissions

The Digital Worlds’ Institute offers postbaccalaureate status to qualified students who have already completed their undergraduate degree and wish to continue their studies without seeking immediate admission to the Master of Arts in Digital Arts & Sciences program. Students with postbaccalaureate status are eligible to take courses offered by the Digital Worlds Institute at the undergraduate level. For more information about postbaccalaureate status, please contact our Student Services Coordinator at:

For more information on the Admissions Procedure, please visit: APPLY page

To Visit Digital Worlds: Please send an email request to to: with your name, number of people in your party, and several preferred dates for your visit. A member of our staff will respond to let you know what is possible.

Tours of the Digital Worlds Institute facilities are typically given on Fridays for pre-arranged groups of 5 or more. These tours include a walk-through of our Research, Education and Visualization Environment (REVE), as well as our Serious and Applied Gaming Environment (SAGE). Depending on timing, you may be able to meet current graduate students and see the spaces where classes are held.