Digital Worlds Introduces the Serious & Applied Gaming Environments (SAGE) Initiative

Building on the success of recent interactive media projects and the emergence of modern gaming technology in the education sphere, the UF Digital Worlds Institute has created the Serious & Applied Gaming Environments (SAGE) initiative. The newly revitalized SAGE is built for 21st century teaching and learning; it boasts a three-screen rear projection display and collaborative space for game design and interactive learning. With classes like 3D Animation and Modeling, this interdisciplinary space has become an epicenter for creating serious and applied gaming environments using tools like the KINECT and other new devices and software pioneered at UF Digital Worlds.

Digital Worlds (DW) Production Coordinator Anna Williams and a team of faculty and professional staff will expand DW’s current portfolio of interactive media projects in 2012. Current work in the SAGE portfolio includes two major projects funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF): HAPNAN (an exploration of physical scale and forces using an innovative haptic controller) and the GAP project (Gaming Against Plagiarism, designed to promote awareness and avoidance of plagiarism and inappropriate use of data and intellectual property amongst students).